Full Immersion

I love creating change in people’s lives. I wanted to reach more people at one time, kick-starting the process of creating positive change in their lives. The purpose of this workshop is to craft the future you desire and step into it boldly.

Through my work with my coaching clients and research I collected through many interviews I found there are common themes that stop people living the life they really desire. They often centre around, guilt (doing too much or too little), work life balance, not fully believing in oneself, being at a crossroads in life . During this workshop, these are just some of the topics we will cover. We will also focus on individual objectives that every participant comes with. This is what makes the workshop an individual experience.

In this two day workshop we will 
Craft your future vision
Understand what has been holding you back
Overcome any obstacles
Create clear and tangible goals
Set out a strategy to achieve your goals

During this two day full immersion workshop you will be able to break free from limiting beliefs, truly understand yourself and what makes you tick, shift your mindset to see and believe what is possible in your life. This is about understanding where you are in life now and creating a path to your new future.

One of the most important aspects of this workshop is that you fully commit and immerse yourself for the two days. The change that happens within these two days will have a ripple effect on your life that will keep going for a very long time.


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