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What Now? What Do I Really Want? Let me help you answer that question

I work with women whose priorities in life have changed. You’ve been on a set career path and climbed the corporate ladder and now you’re asking yourself if you still want this life.
You’re asking yourself ‘What Now? What do I really want?’ Well I'm going to help you answer and implement that answer.

For 10 years I worked in the same profession. I made sacrifices, put in the long hours, spent time away from my family, put up with the stress and the workload, because I was working towards that end goal. However when my priorities shifted I didn’t know if that end goal was so enticing anymore, and I found myself asking ‘What now? what do I really want?’. And it scared me when I couldn’t answer that question.

You may think the problem is 'I don't know what I want' but it's not. You do know what you want, but you have so much going on in your life and in your head you can't hear what it is.

I help women answer that question ‘What Now? What Do I Really Want?’

If you find yourself feeling:
∙ There’s so much noise in my head
∙ I’m overwhelmed
∙ I don’t feel I have a good work life balance
∙ I have to put everyone else first
∙ I have no time for myself
∙ Everyone always needs something from me
∙ I do so much more at home it’s exhausting
∙ My partner doesn’t understand how it’s so different for women
∙ I don’t have anytime for myself
∙ Do I really want this career anymore
∙ Do I really want this life anymore?
∙ Should I just be satisfied with what I have?
∙ Is it too late to make a change
∙ Why don’t I know what I want?

Then I can help you answer those questions

We’re going to:
∙ Create calm in your head
∙ Redefine how you see your role at home so you are able to put your needs first
∙ Create a mindset that allows you to live guilt free when you put your needs first.
∙ Align your values to your life
∙ Build your confidence in yourself and your abilities
∙ Answer the question ‘What now? What do I really want?’
∙ Design and implement your ‘What now’

By the time we are done working together, you will be calmer, more confident, able to put your needs first, feel amazing and not only have the answer to the ‘What now? What do I really want?’, but be living it!

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